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1-On-1 With Mary Eicher

A native of St. Louis, MO, Mary currently lives in Southern California with her two daughters.  She has degrees in English and Psychology from San Jose State University.

A noted fan fiction author, Mary's award winning short stories can be found in several anthologies and internet sites such as the Academy of Bards. Mary is the recipient of a Silver Pen Award. 

She has traveled extensively and has a life long interest in metaphysics and philosophy. The Artemis Series is laced with her wicked sense of humor and more than an occasional hint of sarcasm. Most of all Mary seeks to make readers question what they thought they knew and challenge the ethos of their current circumstance.

        Perceptions review:

"This book starts with a bang and then gets better with every page. I have been reading books at a ridiculous pace...and this  book I may read again and again and then once more. I  literally dream about Temmie and Lucy and Wolf. I stumbled across NineStar Press and then assumed I had found the magic publishing company who chooses authors who can actually write. Perceptions (book two) just arrived and I am diving in this evening. So excited to get back to a world with Temmie in it."

What reviewers are saying

"I am crazy about this book! Finally a hero I can adore and obsess over,  Artemis is the one I have been waiting for. The characters that surround her are brilliant, the story is blow-your-mind smart, the wit perfectly wicked. People begin hearing an ominous sound in their heads predicting their death in three days time - right there you had me. Take that idea and add to it a sexy, ass-kicking, brilliant, true thrill of a woman to save the world and you have a book you will thank the gods you found. I am in love and hungry for more."


"Hot Damn - I AM CRAZY IN LOVE! I drooled all over the Harbinger only to find Artemis become even more drool-worthy in Perceptions. Lucy busts her shell to pieces and almost gives Tem a run for her money - almost. I laughed out loud, sobbed in my pillow, had hot-flash over hot-flash and then finally went to bed cradling this book close to my heart. If you love to read stories carefully crafted around characters - characters who jump off the page and announce they are read (and so freaking hot) - please do not miss this series. Not joking. It is that good."

"If you want characters that are developed to a genius level, who grab you at your core and cause near obsessive reactions (the astrophysicist is by far one of the best male characters I have read), a deeply detailed and researched story taking the sci-fi/supernatural/mythological genres and showcasing them as they are meant to be, then this is the series you need to involved with. Marvelous and exceptional."

"Great read...very unusual idea, well researched and cleverly plotted. I cannot think of a time I have enjoyed this genre as much, very thoughtful and extremely smart. I find the goddess to be a truly fascinating heroine and the scientist is a treasure."

"Recommended by a friend, loved it. Curious and captivating idea steeped in science/mystery and clever as hell."

"The Harbinger, book one of a three book series, is an outstanding debut novel. In these turbulent times this book will test your beliefs and biases, casting doubt and hope on all we hold dear. The reader is led to take a peek behind the wizard's curtain. Who's back there and what is going on in the heavens?  Each character is artfully portrayed showing their fine points and their foibles. Well done, Ms, Eicher."​

"I've proofed and edited more books than I can count. This book has been my favorite. It is so well written with such a strong story. The characters are very well developed. I adore them all...This could be a best seller for sure."