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The moment is approaching when mankind must choose its future. What appears a simple choice between love and fear is complicated by the desires of two opposing cosmic forces. Artemis Andronikos rushes to discover a message the ancients  left in stone ruins; a message connected to the Harbinger.

Added by the rogue astrophysicist Wolfgang Strang, Artemis assembles a team of brilliant young scientists to decode when, where and how the choice is to be made.

Convincing the Harbinger children to grow beyond their training and listen to their inner voices is the first step. Preparing them to accept a new reality proves more difficult. And Artemis must deal with an existential threat of her own. One that could separate her from her soulmate foe eternity.

ISBN  978-1-64890-254-3

Paperback  $15.99, 288 Pages

ISBN 978-1-64890-253-6

Ebook   $5.99

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     “You have enough cash?” Artemis asked as she unzipped Lucy’s bag and checked the contents.

     “Yes, Mom,” Lucy snarked. “Stay out of that. I know how to pack, Temmie.”

     Artemis zipped up the bag and raised her hands. “Peace. I just want you to be all right, The world’s not a safe place right now. Crazy things are happening. You might need some extra money.”

     Lucy gave her a peck on the cheek. “I’ll call every day. If I need more money, you can wire it. Angie’s going to meet me at Heathrow. The trouble you’re referring to is the crush of refugees pouring into Europe, I promise not to be mistaken for one. Or are you referring to the earthquakes near Australis?’

     Artemis shook her head. “There’s much more going on. The news is having trouble keeping up. Don’t be surprised by anything that happens.”

     “Oh, I’ve gotten use to surprises. The world is about to end. My lover is an alien. A star has fallen from the sky and landed smack-dab on I sincerely doubt anything could surprise me now.”


"If you want characters that are developed to a GENIUS level, who grab you at your core and cause near obsessive reactions (the astrphysicist is by far one of the best males characters I have read), a deeeply detailed and researched story taking the sci-fi/supernatural/mythological genres and showcasing them as they are meant to be, then this is the series you need to get involved with, MARVELOUS AND EXCEPTIONAL,"

"Recommended by a friend, now I recommend it to you as I truly love this book. I owe my mate a dinner where we can pretend to be half as interesting as the characters in this book. The concept is absolutely original, steeped in science and mystery and clever as hell. just finished the second book in the series and it keeps up the pace. Fantastic! Am an avid reader and have not found a series this exciting or addicting in years."

"THRILLED ME! These characters are crazy good. Artemis needs to be on the big screen! I am in love with Dr. Strang and there are laugh-out-loud moments in Perceptions that are seriously perfect. Lucy comes out of her shell and becomes her own heroine and the surprise that comes with Angie is a bombshell. The story that started in The Harbinger is so creative and somehow got even more so in Perceptions." 

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