Short Stories

Every been obsessed with a fictional character?  I have. Xena Warrior Princess hit all my buttons and I found myself searching the web for more information about the show, the stars and the stories. What I found was a wealth of short stories devoted to XWP and in a free-wheeling, creative genre called fanfic. Before long I was adding to the genre under the penname MaryE.  I have included several stories here. Eventually this page will contain new short stories as I write them and links to my fanfic stories for XWP fans.  My thanks to AUSxip for hosting the stories.

Disclaimers: I know that Xena, Gabrielle, Argo and other characters who have appeared in the program Xena Warrior Princess do not belong to me. They belong to MCA/Universal Studios and Renaissance Pictures.  I just take the characters out to play with from time to time. These stories do belong to me and are not mean to be used without my permission. I offer them for your reading enjoyment and homage to a creative TV show and the many individuals who produced it.  Please note, the stories are XXX explicit and assume a loving relationship for a same sex couple.