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Both The Harbinger and Perceptions are now available at NineStarPress, Amazon, Goodreads and various bookstores in hardcopy and ebook formats.

Revelations will be release early 2021.

The Harbinger

July 2020

What if everything you believed was wrong? What if your greatest fear was about to be realized?

A disturbing phenomenon is cutting its way through Southern California. Its victims experience an excruciating warning of imminent death. When the Harbinger claims her brother, Artemis Andronikos sets out to learn the cause of the terrifying premonitions. What she and her partner Lucy discover is a mystery steeped in antiquity and linked to an astonishing cosmic purpose. 


Artemis Andronikos suspects a rash of fatal accidents are not the unrelated mishaps authorities assume. The victims are Harbinger children gifted with extraordinary perceptive abilities. It has been seven years since th Harbinger suddenly appeared enabling people to foresee traumatic events. Now the prescient children are becoming adolescents. And the world's power centers are becoming alarmed. 

October 2020

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"We don't conceive of sudden, radical, irrational change as being woven into the very fabric of existence, yet I assure it most assuredly is -- and it's happening now."

Ian Malcolm


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