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Mary Eicher

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Mary  is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She currently resides in California with her two daughters and a cat named Nemo. With degrees in English and Psychology, Mary  began her career as a technical writer in Silicon Valley. She had a popular blog for four years then branched into fiction full time.

Mary delights in taking on stodgy cultural beliefs at their source and suggesting alternative meanings. Her stories are infused with a decidedly sarcastic and heretical point of view. Science, religion and politics are her usual victims as her richly drawn characters wrestle with complex plots on a quest to discover what is truth.

Mary's short stories have won recognition including a Lunacy recommendation and are available on a variety of fanfiction sites such as the Academy of Bards and various anthologies. Several fanfic stories are available here for curious readers. She also won a Silver Pen Award from Knight-Ridder for a commentary on the spirit of giving during challenging times.

Her latest work, The Artemis Series, is an award-winning science fiction trilogy.

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An intriguing new look at existential reality. The Artemis Series weaves science, religion, philosophy and mythology into a mind-blowing contemporary brew seasoned with wit and romance. Reality is a conscious thought. What happens when we change our mind?

"This is what science fiction means to be when it grows up! Absolutely brilliant, with everything I want in a story - a smart and clever premise: mystery, adventure, romance, charm and humor on a grand scale, all wrapped up in character development that is perfection." -reader review


The Artemis Series tells the story of Artemis Andronikos, the modern incarnation of the Greek Goddess of the Hunt. What begins as a search to understand the source of a sudden change in human sensory ability becomes a quest to understand the purpose of life and humanity's place in the universe.

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"We don't conceive of sudden, radical, irrational change as being woven into the very fabric of existence, yet I assure it most assuredly is -- and it's happening now."

Ian Malcolm

Creator of award-winning science fiction stories.

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