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The Artemis Series

The Award winning trilogy by Mary Eicher

Books 1-3:

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What if everything you thought you knew was wrong?
A disturbing new phenomenon is cutting a path through California and people are beginning to panic.
The sound of bells clanging painfully inside their heads warns victims that they have only three days left to live. There is no explanation for what becomes known as The Harbinger and the phenomenon slowly spreads to become a global terror.
Artemis Andronikos, the modern day incarnation of the Greek goddess of the hunt, sets out to investigate the mysterious events using her unique abilities and her eternal connection to the gods.
With the help of her partner, investigative reporter Lucy Breem, and the brilliant astrophysicist Dr. Wolfgang Strang, Artemis attempts to solve
The Harbinger
and then possibly save the world.


"We don't conceive of sudden, radical, irrational change as being woven into the very fabric of existence, yet I assure you it most assuredly is -
and it is happening now."  
Ian Malcolm


I was selected to be a showcased author at this year's
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! 

April 21-22, 2024 at USC 
It was great to meet so many readers!


Additional Awards:

2020 Best New Author


International Book Award

Finalist: Best Book
of the Year

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and many, many more...

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