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Seven years after the Harbinger first appeared children are dying and Artemis suspects the deaths are not the accidental mishaps the authorities believe. Artemis and Lucy discover the nefarious scheme to which the children are falling victim.


What they uncover shocks the conscience. One of the world's major faiths has joined with a criminal cult to eliminate children gifted with an extraordinary clairvoyant skill.


Artemis must find a way not only to save a generation but must decipher the message the ancients left regarding the future of the human race.

SBN 978-1-64890-111-9  

Paperback $15.99, 299 Pages

ISBN 978-1-9480-110-2

Ebook        $5.99

"Great read...very unusual idea, well researched and cleverly plotted. I cannot think of a time I have enjoyed this genre as much, very thoughtful and extremely smart. I find the goddess to be a truly fascinating heroine and the scientist is a treasure."

"Recommended by a friend, loved it. Curious and captivating idea steeped in science/mystery and clever as hell."


"EPIC ADVENTURE that had me racing through the book which I promptly read a second time. I have not been so immersed in a story and so invested in characters since reading Dan Simmons, Get your hands on this book series! I was blown away with The Harbinger, the story is so creative and unlike anything I have experienced, I snapped up Perceptions right away and was off on another great adventure, possibly better than the first, Together Harbinger and Perceptions are top-notch and deserve your attention."

"I am an avid reader but never leave reviews until now. After finishing the 2nd book in the series, Perceptions, I was so charmed and captivated that I enthusiastically left my first book review ever...

If you want characters that are developed to a genius level, who grab you at your core and cause near obsessive reactions (the astrophysicist is by far one of the best male characters I have read), a deeply detailed and researched story taking the sci-fi/supernatural/mythological genres and showcasing them as they are meant to be, then this is the series you need to get involved with. Marvelous and exceptional."



      Artemis rolled her eyes. "Their minds need to be affected, Wolf. They perceive things, but then they seem confused. Either the kids don't want to process the information or they don't know how to. They hesitate when they need to act.  I think it places them in danger rather than helping them avoid it."

     "Ah, may I assume you are reacting to the recent spate of accidents involving the prescient youngsters? I'd begun to wonder about that myself." Strang cleared his throat pausing to assess his beautiful companion's level of concern. "But tragedies occur even to children, my darling goddess. Surely you do not presume you are meant to

protect them all.”

     Artemis smirked in the way she always did when Strang addressed her as if thousands of years were simply wiped away. "Yes, I mean no. Perhaps if I understood precisely how the mind works, I might know how to help them."

     Strang nodded. "The mind is the product of the brain, a marvelous organ, the brain. It processes a ceaseless torrent of sensory input. The mind, a much more ethereal concept, organizes these sensations into thoughts and actions."

     A light breeze traveled about the lanai lifting Artemis's bangs and spreading her long black tresses around her shoulders. After a moment's contemplation, she smiled, a twinkle in her pale eyes.

     "The mind is not the product of the brain, Wolf." she corrected him. "The physical is the slave not the master. Consciousness creates the physical. the mind is the connection between the physical and the infinite. I thought the Harbinger would augment that connection in the children."

     "I, too, believe the Harbinger is the source of adolescent perceptions." Strang uttered a weary sigh. "But whatever the challenges of the children, the prospect of you delving into this once again fills me with trepidation."

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"This book starts with a bang and then gets better with every page. I have been reading books at a ridiculous pace...and this  book I may read again and again and then once more. I  literally dream about Temmie and Lucy and Wolf. I stumbled across NineStar Press and then assumed I had found the magic publishing company who chooses authors who can actually write. Perceptions (book two) just arrived and I am diving in this evening. So excited to get back to a world with Temmie in it."

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