The Artemis Series

The Artemis Series tells the story of Artemis Andronikos the modern incarnation of the Greek Goddess of the Hunt. What begins as a search to understand the source of a sudden change in human sensory ability becomes a quest to understand the purpose of life and humanity's place in the universe.

The Harbinger

The sound of bells clanging painfully in their heads warns victims that they have only a few days left to live. There is no explanation for what becomes known as the Harbinger and the phenomenon slowly spreads throughout California to become a global terror. Artemis and her partner Lucy set out to investigate the mysterious premonitions. But they are not the only ones on such a quest. Powerful others seek to use the Harbinger for personal and political gain. Their search for answers takes the women from the shores of Hawaii to the halls of the Vatican as they uncover a diabolical plot to control human destiny. To solve the mystery of the Harbinger, Artemis must confront the truth of her own identity and the role her ancestors played in The Harbinger's creation.



Seven years after the Harbinger first appeared children are dying and Artemis suspects the deaths are not the accidental mishaps the authorities believe. Artemis and Lucy discover the nefarious scheme to which the children are falling victim. What they uncover shocks the conscience. One of the world's major faiths has joined with a criminal cult to eliminate children gifted with an extraordinary clairvoyant skill. Artemis must find a way not only to save a generation but must decipher the message the ancients left regarding the future of the human race.




Earth is under siege and only Artemis comprehends what is about to happen. Assembling a handful of brilliant young scientists, Artemis prepares them for a choice that will determine the future of humanity in the collective consciousness of the universe. She must show them that everything they've been taught has been wrong and convince them to accept a reality balanced between peace or conflict. And Artemis must make her own choice - one that could mean personal oblivion or the loss of everyone she loves.