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About the Author

Mary Eicher

Mary was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She currently resides in California with her two adult daughters, 4 grandchildren, and a cat named Nemo. Mary would greatly prefer to live in Maui, Hawaii but knows that is a work in progress.
With degrees in both English & Psychology, she has been fascinated with pushing the limits of perception and the accepted ideas of reality her entire life. 
Mary delights in taking on stodgy cultural beliefs at their source and suggesting alternative meanings. Her stories are infused with a decidedly sarcastic and heretical point of view. Science, religion, and politics are her usual victims as her richly drawn characters wrestle with complex plots on a quest to discover what is her idea of "truth."
Mary's writing has ranged from a popular political blog to award-winning fan fiction from the popular Xena:Warrior Princess series and even a profound essay winning the SILVER PEN AWARD from the San Jose Mercury Times describing how generosity and kindness to others is the true spirit of a challenging Christmas season
Mary is intrigued by the idea of existential reality and imbues her stories with that concept. She weaves science, religion, philosophy and mythology into a contemporary brew seasoned with wit and romance.
Accepting that reality is a conscious thought, Mary explores what might happen when we change our minds?



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