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The Harbinger

What if everything you thought you knew was wrong? 

     A disturbing new phenomenon is cutting a path through California and people are beginning to panic.


     The sound of bells clanging painfully in their heads warns victims that they have only three days left to live. There is no explanation for what becomes known as the Harbinger and the phenomenon slowly spreads throughout California to become a global terror.


     Artemis and her partner Lucy set out to investigate the mysterious premonitions. But they are not the only ones on such a quest. Powerful others seek to use the Harbinger for personal and political gain. Their search for answers takes the women from the shores of Hawaii to the halls of the Vatican as they uncover a diabolical plot to control human destiny. To solve the mystery of the Harbinger, Artemis must confront the truth of her own identity and the role her ancestors played in The Harbinger's creation.

ISBN 978-1-64890-029-7, 397 Pages

Paperback  $17.99

ISBN 978-1-64890-028-0

Ebook         $6.49






     “Rumors about the phenomenon were spreading like sparks in a forest fire. Within a few months the number of deaths reported to have been preceded by an ear-splitting headache and the sound of bells had grown exponentially. And the curious phenomenon had acquired a name. The Harbinger in stark black capital letters began appearing on billboards from San Diego to the base of the grapevine.

     The mere idea that one’s death would be foretold unnerved people. It cracked the foundation of their beliefs and challenged the accepted order of things. It focused the mind on death and sent a chill up spines all the way to Santa Barbara. The Harbinger turned the laid-back culture of Southern California into an unfamiliar, apprehensive place.

     The scuttlebutt about the Harbinger morphed as people glided from one theory to another. Perhaps the harsh sound killed the victims.  Perhaps the deaths occurred when victims became distracted or suicidal. Perhaps it was the beginning of the rapture although it bore little resemblance to the instantaneous event believers were expecting. Perhaps it was due to any of a thousand explanations which rose and fell on the tides of social media splashing hard against the bulwark of organized religion.”

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"I am crazy about this book! Finally a hero I can adore and obsess over,  Artemis is the one I have been waiting for. The characters that surround her are brilliant, the story is blow-your-mind smart, the wit perfectly wicked. People begin hearing an ominous sound in their heads predicting their death in three days time - right there you had me. Take that idea and add to it a sexy, ass-kicking, brilliant, true thrill of a woman to save the world and you have a book you will thank the gods you found. I am in love and hungry for more."

"Hot Damn - I AM CRAZY IN LOVE! I drooled all over the Harbinger only to find Artemis become even more drool-worthy in Perceptions. Lucy busts her shell to pieces and almost gives Tem a run for her money - almost. I laughed out loud, sobbed in my pillow, had hot-flash over hot-flash and then finally went to bed cradling this book close to my heart. If you love to read stories carefully crafted around characters - characters who jump off the page and announce they are real (and so freaking hot) - please do not miss this series. Not joking. It is that good."

"I stumbled across NineStar and randomly chose 4 books. I started with the Harbinger and then assumed I had found the magic publishing company who chooses authors that can actually write...This book I may read again, again and then once again. I literally dream about Temmie and Lucy and Wolf."


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